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Promise Rings: What they Are and When to Give They

Promise Rings: What they Are and When to Give They

 How do you find the perfect Couple Rings (with jewelry inspiration)




 Promise rings are pieces of jewelry that represent a promise or intention between two individuals. They can be given to mark a significant milestone or as an engagement ring before the event. A promise ring is a sentimental ring that represents love, loyalty and future plans. It might not be as binding like an engagement ring, but it still has sentimental value. When you are choosing a ring for a promise, look for a design that is a match for you as well as your spouse. It could be a simple band, or an intricate design that incorporates engravings or gemstones.



 The cost of promise rings varies significantly based on the material used and the design. Promise rings range from less than $100 to over 1,000 dollars. Given their purpose they don't have to break the bank as they're more about their meaning rather than their financial value. One of the most crucial things is to choose a ring that resonates with the promise you made, whether you choose a basic style in gold or silver or something more ornate and intricate such as diamond accents.



 What is what is a Promise Ring?



 A promise ring is a symbol of the unique and special love between two people. Promise rings are a sign of a committed relationship. They also signal that the couple has committed themselves to each other in the future.



 In a sense, promise rings are pre-engagement rings, as they come prior to the marriage vows. The exchange of rings could indicate that an engagement is possible or simply demonstrate the love you feel towards one another that you'd like to symbolize.



 Promise Ring Meaning



 The meaning behind a promise ring may differ between couples, by indicating that you're devoted to one another to suggesting engagement and marriage in the near or future future.



 It is best for you and your partner to make a decision between you on what a promise rings is for you both specifically. A promise ring might refer to:



 That your relationship is developing and you want to show how important you are to one another.



 That you love each other and want to show your love, but you think it's too early (or you're simply too young) to officially get engaged.



 You're separated from each other because of distance, as when you're in a relationship with long-distance. However, you'd like be able to show one another the love you have for each other.



 Everything else that is important to you. A promise ring can hold some significance for both of you, that ranges from celebrating an accomplishment or moment in your relationship to expressing how much you care for each other.



 It is possible to add an inscription on your promise ring, if it holds a significant meaning. This will allow you to keep the promise and promise you made to your partner.



 Which Finger Should A Promise Ring be In?



 Promise rings are able to be affixed to any finger on either hand. It's not necessary to choose the "correct" hand or finger for a promise-ring. Instead, it is recommended to wear it on the finger that is most convenient and comfortable for you.



 Many prefer to wear their rings of promise on their left finger for the ring. This is one of the most common methods to wear a wedding ring. Others prefer to wear it on their right ring finger in order to not mistake it for an engagement ring.


 What do promise rings look like?



 They are usually smaller and less expensive than engagement rings. They typically use precious metals such as silver and gold. Diamonds, as well as other precious gems are often used in rings of promise.



 The stones are usually smaller and more subdued than those used in engagement rings, which gives them a more delicate appearance. Some promise rings do not include any distinctive design features that aren't even simple designs that are similar to an engagement ring.



 Promise rings and the other couple rings could be diamonds, such as this tapered baguette ring made by Blue Nile, or gemstone rings, like this sapphire heart ring also from Blue Nile.



 Certain promise rings could be created as a Claddagh rings. The classic Irish design has the heart, with two hands that hold it as well as the crown symbolizing the love, loyalty, and friendship. Some couples choose to wear rings with matching designs.



 Promise rings are generally smaller and more subtle than engagement rings. Diamonds are a popular choice but the stones are usually smaller in carat weight, or placed in groups rather than being a single stone.



 Designs for ring rings made of gemstones such as these from Blue Nile are also a well-liked choice for vow rings and other couple rings. As with other non-engagement or wedding jewelry, there aren't "rules" about the most suitable metals for promise rings, which makes everything from rose gold to sterling silver rings a popular choice.



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