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Teammates induce thats bs the cheap mt nba 2k21

 Throwback was a poor word choice considering throwback moments last year was present players. What I mean is I don't long for nba 2k21 mt coins a rudy tomjanovich card or some george mikan or sam Jones or Jerry Lucas etc.. I am sure its my prejudice considering I'm 27 but idk I want hype.

 Majority of the participant base is under 40 im sure so it would appear appropriate but for me personally yes I'd of much rather gotten amy Robert horry diamond lou williams and say PD Kevin love for domination advantages. Nobody grinded for mikan cuz thats their fave player but since he is the best center rn.

 Ik im whining into the wind here since this is their business model give us cheap filler such as Rolando Blackman for free who they would never put in real packs and save that the hype for VC Shaffer is an awesome idea. Had a ton of potential but retired in 24 to get a more rewarding chance, despite being offered a then-record $40,000 (for comparison, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor were getting about $20-25k) by the Philadelphia Warriors.

 He is an old school player from last year's match.

 I think there is only a few girls playing but there's a couple of squads on PS4.So is having guys sexually abused, and verbally abuse you as you're only hoping to play a match...u can't even handle us telling you we don't want you around us, but she's being sensitive to not wanting to be berated by some increased ass ogre man?????? Relax... Yes fd up but dont go in gamechat and problem solved and dont say something about communicating with ur teammates induce thats bs the cheap mt nba 2k21 chances to operate with randoms are slim hence There's no point (yes ) do get any Which Are great at it) Oh man so were women we should just stay away from game chat to get around the toxicity? Or MAYBE you guys can just enjoy. . .not be poisonous?

  • Created: Dec 10 '20
  • Admin: Rslin



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